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You may also define a range for the random number.

Series of lucky numbers for the Powerball lottery drawings


You may also select the count of drawn series.

Series of lucky numbers for the Mega Millions lottery drawings


You may also select the count of drawn series.

Series of lucky numbers for any other lottery game


Define a range for the drawn numbers.

Select the count of the drawn numbers.

Select an orientation for the drawn numbers.

You may also select the count of drawn series.

How it works?

We have designed this number generator for those who wants better luck with lottery games, or just need some true random number for whatever reason. Our goal is to provide the best quality random numbers and their sequences with unmatched distribution. The generated numbers fulfills all requirements against true randomness.

Unlike other popular generators, which uses the server computer software's built-in general purpose solution, we produce numbers with the most cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator. It belongs to the Fortuna (named after the Roman goddess of chance) family of generators and meets all of the included high quality standards. Additionally, we provide a unique feature called orientation, where you can control the numbers distribution inside a sequence.

Single random numbers

Here you can generate a number for your application, a lucky one if you don't have any yet, or just for any other reason. You are able to set the minimum and maximum range, it will be picked from what you set. If you wish to define a low or high orientation then use the section below named series for any other lottery game, and set the count of drawn numbers to one.

Series for the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery game

If you want multiple series of lucky numbers for the next Powerball or Mega Millions draw, then these forms are just made for your pleasure. You can define the number of draws, each of them will contain unique series of numbers. All of the series are generated with our outstanding formula, and we wish you a great luck with them. If you want to change the orientation of the numbers you can still utilize our last form described below, just pay attention to the Power- and Mega Ball, you can pick them at our first section, set the minimum to 1 and the maximum to 35 in case of Powerball, 15 for the Mega Ball.

Series for any other lottery game

This is the heaven section for the lottery lovers, here you can utilize our feature called orientation. Just noticed that the last draw was mostly filled with low or high numbers? No problem. Here you can define to generate low or high numbers for your next ticket to trick the system, but note that our algorithm also randomizes what will be the lowest or highest number, so the best is to generate more draws and pick the ones you like. The options such minimum, maximum and count for the drawn numbers are straightforward, you can easily find the matching setting for your game.

Privacy policy

We do not log, store or give out to third parties any of the generated numbers, nor the visitors IP addresses or user agents (however the last two are collected by GAnalytics).